We're located at 26 Isaac Street in Clinton, ON (right next to Verbeek's Farm & Garden Centre). 

Where can you find locally created or produced foods or gifts?

Our world is filled with big box stores and manufactured products with a sore lack of the "personal touch". 


Made in Huron was opened in 1997 to bring that personal touch back to our community. 

Our store is filled with wonderful products that were created locally, in Huron County. There is a "personal touch" to each item on our shelves. 


Each vendor not only creates interesting items for sale at Made in Huron but also has a voice in the operation of the store. Each vendor takes time to meet with the others to discuss store matters and each vendor spends time in the store, greeting visitors and selling products. 


Sandy is our fearless leader and owner of the "Made in Huron" business. She takes care of the "business" side of the store AND runs a successful sewing and alterations business through the store as well. 


Creating fun and colourful jewelry is part of what keeps Kerry busy. If you're looking for that perfect accessory, Kerry has lots from which to choose. 


Rosemary is always restocking her preserves since they are excellent sellers at the store and also at local markets. Pick up some of her relishes!


Mmmmm... what's that lovely smell? It's got to be a candle made by Anita. She also has bath products so be sure to stop by before your next soak in the tub. 


Need something to keep you or a little one toasty warm? Pop by to see what LeeAnn has in store.


Angela enjoys a number of different crafts including felting, sewing and knitting. She also creates websites - such as this one. 

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